Rather than capturing the standard elements you see in most wedding films, we look beyond tangible details, and focus on the people, the connections, and the feeling. That's because your wedding day is one of the most magnificent times in your life, and we capture it for you through true storytelling.

After 8 years filming love stories, we intuitively know how to anticipate and capture emotional moments. And as the beating heart of your wedding, we carefully record the audio of your vows and use it to guide the story throughout your film. The result is a film you'll want to relive over and over again.


Meet Marco Casamassima

Founder & Lead Filmmaker

I've had the honor of pouring my heart into every film and leaving a lasting impact by taking you on a real journey of romance. It is the greatest gift I can give you.




What I Value Most

When I'm Not Filming

The Love Of My Life

Taking care of others, supporting my family to the fullest, and being here for you whenever you need me. I also value the power of real storytelling, and it is a gift I'm most grateful to share with you.

There's a high likelihood you'll find me eating sushi or homemade pizza while watching LOTR or Star Wars. I love those cozy moments at home. I look forward to learning more about yours.

Claudia is my partner in life, love, and film. I am a proud father in love with our newborn son. We love adventuring through travel, watching epic films, and finding ways to implement these passions into the films we create.

— Claudia

— Daniele

— Andrea

As loving wife to Marco, Claudia is also the final judge of every edit by Marco. She is sensitive, dedicated, with a great skill and eye for photography, so she knows how to perfectly fill a frame.

Our tireless and dedicated Support Videographer offers great skills in capturing the b-roll and using advanced equipment, like the gimbal stabilizer, helping to give our films the cinematic touch. He’s a technical focused genius, always prepared with the right lens for any situation.

All about the details, Andrea cares to capture every important one for your film.

From tears and emotions to table settings and flower designs.