"Your essence, your love story, your emotions. For eternity"

Marco and Claudia Luno Films


Who’s behind the camera?

Hi there! we’re Marco and Claudia and we’ve been together for more than 10 years. Since September 2017 we’ve been husband and wife. We live in Milan (don’t worry, very far from the metropolitan chaos of the city centre) in our little and cosy attic. We can actually say that we’ve grown up together: in fact, we first met as children. It wasn’t always easy… as many couples we went through good and bad times. For some years we even fell apart, only to get back together again stronger than before and spend the rest of our lives together.

Claudia is first of all a photographer, so she always knows how to make perfect use of light. She is a sweetheart, as you can guess by the fact that she loves babies, animals…and chocolate!

Marco is the one who turns the video footage into a film through creative editing. In his previous life, he wanted to be a basketball player or a musician. Right now, he prefers watching Star Wars or Game of Thrones with Claudia, sharing a pizza on the couch.

We both love traveling, getting lost in the wilderness, meeting new and interesting people, and hearing their stories.
After a lifetime together as a couple, we finally decided to work together too.
Through Luno Films, we are not just Claudia and Marco anymore: we are the keepers of your love promises and the narrators of your unique story.

Every detail tells your story

The butterflies in your stomach while you’re getting ready for the ceremony. The breath that gets lost and the lips that start shaking right when it’s time to say “I do”.
The words that come pouring during the exchange of the vows, rushing out to the rhythm of your hearts.
That sparkle in your eyes when you look at each other. A sparkle that speaks of love, that encloses all of the adventures you lived and those that still have to come. A light that will guide you in the future. Together.
In all this we will be by your side, hiding behind a bush of colorful flowers or maybe behind one of your tears.

You won’t notice us, but we will capture and honor every single shade of your emotions.
Then we’ll give them back to you so that you can treasure and relive them, forever.

The power of words

Although our work is composed of images and video footage, words are the center of the stories we tell.
The exchange of the vows is the most intimate and touching moment of the ceremony, where you open up completely in front of your life partner as if no one was looking. It’s the beating heart of your wedding.
We witness that moment and we turn it into the track that guides our film, honoring it with absolute regard and all the sensitivity we’re capable of.

As simple as nature

Why should we overcomplicate, when things are perfect already? We love nature and take a cue from it: it is pure and impeccable on its own, and it doesn’t need any additional trick.
In the same way, you and your relationship are equally perfect. That’s why we won’t interfere with the sequence of events. We will be discreet observers so that we can create a genuine, authentic portrait of the two of you, of your story and of the place where you’re celebrating your most important day.

Instants that stay forever

Imagine not only to pronounce your love words but to write them down on the wings of a paper plane. Then picture yourself tossing it in the sky, allowing it to fly carrying your promises around.
How would you feel if you did this as a child? Probably free, happy, willing to follow its flight until the very last moment. Well, you can still get the same feeling: our wedding film, just like that paper plane, will take your emotions, preserve them, and let them reach for the stars.
That’s why we decided to include this symbol in our logo. It represents the promises you make to each other and also those that we make to you. We promise to take care of your story and create an everlasting memory of it, for you to treasure.

Awards received

Sometime it happens that we win something.

Awards received
- Caldera Contest: Best Wedding Video, 1st place (2018/19)

- Way Up North: Europe’s Best Wedding Video, finalist (2018/19)

- WevIT: Best Wedding Highlight, 3rd place (2018/19)

- WevIT: Best colorist, 3rd place (2017)

- WevIT: Best Pilot, 3rd place (2017)

How the magic happens

At Luno Films, we care about you.
We care about your story and respect your feelings.
We care about creating a film that encloses all of the emotions of your wedding and makes them last forever.

Not yet another video similar to a thousand others, but one that speaks about you only and that allows you to relive those emotions over and over again.

We want to get to know you, your biggest desires, the most meaningful milestones of your love. We listen to the rhythm of your hearts, to the words that come out of your lips and the vibrations that you spread all around. We collect it all and mix it with a pinch of irony, that always pairs well with your joyful smiles. 

We stand by your side on such an important day, capturing the smallest details – which entail the biggest value –  and transforming them into a visual, emotional narration.

Your film is about to start...

Do you like our videos, our style and do you think we’re nice? We hope yes! We are available for your film in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world. To get to know us, we can organise a Skype call or we can meet in person in Milan. We can’t wait to discover more about you and your story. We kindly ask you to fill in the following contact form, so as to anticipate some info: