Every love story is unique and deserves to be told in a unique way.

Our Wedding Films

You are the rock stars, your wedding day is the stage and your story is the most incredible show ever. A show we witness, hiding with our cameras so that you don’t notice us. We capture every bright smile, tear of joy and word pronounced with shaking voice. Every detail has something to say, and together they tell a whole story. Your story.
If you want to get a video just like anyone’s, then our wedding film is not for you. 
But we believe that if you’re here you might be a good fit.
You are young, free and wild at heart. 
You are an explorer of the world and a lover of natural beauty. 
You are an unconventional dreamer and the location you chose is a reflection of it.
You are about to embark on the most beautiful adventure of your life with the person you love, and you want your wedding to represent the essence of you.
So will our wedding film, in such an engaging way that you will want to watch it over and over again, reliving the same emotions every single time.

How does the magic happen? 
Thanks to two video operators that will follow the whole event, shooting cinematographic footage from different perspectives and recording your speeches and promises. Then we add skillful editing, captivating music and the most careful and passionate story construction to bring the video to life.
This is how we work. For you.

What we offer

We love what we do, and we love doing it at our best. That’s why we are going to create two videos for you, instead of just one.


The Wedding Film

The Wedding Film tells your story in 3 to 5 minutes. Not just the story of the specific event, but that of your relationship. Through your own words, the looks on your faces and the feelings aroused during the day, we’ll walk the path that brought you here. We’re going to immerse ourselves in the experience with you and use all of our empathy to get to the core of it. The film is a heap of emotions that will leave you breathless.


The Documentary Edit Film

The Documentary Edit Film is a time machine that has the power to take you back to your wedding day in around 30 minutes. This video narrates all of the events of your special day in chronological order so that you won’t forget any detail. The natural setting with its sounds and colors, the venue of the celebration, the unfiltered sentiments, the spontaneity of the attendees and the two of you.

These videos, together, will honor and guard the most precious thing you have: the story of your love.

Add the icing on the cake

Even the most delicious cake could benefit from a little icing on top. 
If you wish to indulge in a sweet addition, here’s what you can choose from.

Photographic reportage

the whole event will be covered by a photographer who’s part of our team. We’ll seamlessly work together so that you get emotional pictures in the same style as your Wedding Film.

3rd video operator

warmly suggested in the event of big celebrations, with 100 or more guests.

Instagram teaser

a short trailer of your Wedding Film, to share with friends and family on your favorite social media.

Raw footage

a selection of video clips with no editing.

Behind the scenes video

an additional film that shows how the wedding is built up, recommended for big events.

Extra time or extra days of shooting

maybe you want to add a little pre-wedding filming so that we can meet in person, explore the location together and shoot some more footage to include in the Wedding Film?




we give our best when we feel a real connection with “our” couples, that’s why we can’t wait to get to know you and sense your energy.


they are the heart of every Wedding Film we conceive.


you let them flow and we make sure they permeate the whole narration.


we’re ready to follow you wherever you’re going to get married: we value the location because it says a lot about you.


your wedding has to resonate with your essence: we’ll support any unconventional choice you might make.


yours, every time you’ll watch your Wedding Film, and ours, seeing your bright smile and sparkling eyes.

Your film is about to start...

Do you like our videos, our style and do you think we’re nice? We hope yes! We are available for your film in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world. To get to know us, we can organise a Skype call or we can meet in person in Milan. We can’t wait to discover more about you and your story. We kindly ask you to fill in the following contact form, so as to anticipate some info: